eames lounge chair replica reddit

eames lounge chair replica reddit

eames lounge chair replica reddit

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eames lounge chair replica reddit

Marxists would argue that the Lounge Chair and Ottoman became so popular because of the branding that associated it with a certain idealistic lifestyle.  The chair was marketed by promising to provide “a special refuge from the strains of modern living.” The Ottoman itself epitomises the laid-back lifestyle the chair is meant to represent. 

Society at the time of the Cold War was learning to adjust to a new way of life, and despite its seemingly unnecessary in-built comfort, the Lounge Chair was advertised amidst the consumerist boom as a necessity, to achieve the kind of lifestyle that put business and leisure hand-in-hand. 

Some say that “Modernism was rarely accompanied by a formulated ideological or aesthetic definition; rather it was used to describe the new or, in a slightly different form, a person who was an advocate of the new (a Modernist).” In reference to this statement, it has to be said that Charles and Ray Eames were considerably different kinds of ‘Modernists’. 

The aesthetic of the chair provided the functionality seen in early modernism, but with the guise of materials more relatable and familiar to the general public.  This is indicative of “the innovative, playful, yet functional forms of this later Modernism [which possessed] a ‘personalised, humanised’ quality.”

Eero Aarnio’s Amazing Bubble Chairs

The creation of the egg and bubble chair is new, sturdy, and welcoming to us who are embracing the modern world of today. The hanging egg chair is formed into a teardrop shape and made from a durable black or brown wicker, keeping up with tradition. It can also handle heavier weights and is extremely cheap as these chairs go. If you look at any given bubble chair design, you would probably assume that it is something that just recently came about. After all, they seem futuristic with their translucent exteriors and hanging design.

The truth, however, is that the bubble chair actually originates from the 1960s. Eero Aarnio’s Bubble Chair from 1968 is based on the idea of Aarnio’s iconic Ball Chair. Like the Ball Chair, the Bubble Chair has a simple ball type shape but is made of different materials and does not have a pedestal but hangs from the ceiling. It comes across as futuristic because of the influence of the 1960’s had on its design.

With the neo-retro space age trends of that time period, the bubble chair was able to fit right in with a groovy environment and any psychedelic living room. Psychedelic era was one of the groovy times of the people those days. The bubble chair hangs from the ceiling because there is no nice way to make a clear pedestal. It shares the same unique acoustics as the Ball Chair, a little cocoon that shields off the outside world.

The hanging bubble chair is made from acrylic and solid stainless steel, and is available in four different leather options. This hanging bubble chair was definitely designed for the modern home, coming in metallic colors, and transparent acrylic. Bubble chairs are a piece to talk about that embraces the 21st century while holding on to the history of relaxation. For any person with a sleek, modern style with a whimsical twist, the hanging bubble chair is what you need.

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

  1.  Leather upholstery choice: Italian 100% top grain leather, premium aniline leather and antiqued waxy leather.
  2. – Durable high density sponge.
  3. – 7-layer plywood + wood veneer in natural skin, palisander skin and walnut skin.
  4. – The base can be chromed aluminium base or black aluminium base. Because original manufacturers are Vitra and Herman Miller, who have different bases.

Create a Space Exuding Opulence and Luxury with Eames’ Furniture Pieces

Thanks to the ground breaking contributions of Charles & Ray Eames in furniture design and architecture, modern homeowners can spruce up the aesthetic appeal and functionality of their living spaces without actually having to try too hard. Also, thanks to the contemporary designers and manufacturers, you do not have to blow up your entire fortune to avail an Eames original but can get authentic, high-quality reproductions at fabulous, pocket-friendly prices from reputed online furniture stores.

If you are confused about which mid-century modern pieces to incorporate in your existing decor, let us give you a helping hand.

the beginning of their experimentation with chair designs. The first products of the Eamses’ experiments with formed plywood manifested in a variety of affordable, stackable chairs and tables. Charles Eames said of these initial experimental pieces that they “would have in [their] appearance the essence of the method that produced [them].” This statement suggests an influence from Constructivist ideologies, whereby the way in which something is constructed is evident in the final design.

Comfort Redefined Living Room

Let your modern loveseats or sofa seats be where they are along with contemporary coffee tables, lighting accessories and other accent pieces. Just add an Eames lounge chair in a color matching your interiors and be able to create a retreat for yourself right in the middle of your home. The lounge chair is fully cushioned with fabulously soft leather that makes sitting as exciting and fun as it can get. Get a matching ottoman with it as well to put your feet up! This Eames chair reproduction can be purchased online at really lucrative prices.

How to Find Eames Lounge Chair Replica for Sale?

There are several places on the internet where you can buy Eames Lounge chair replica. One of the best websites to take look is Amazon.com/Eames-Chair-Replica. On Amazon you’ll find several replicas of this popular chair for cheap prices.

What About Ebay and Craigslist?

If you want to purchase original Eames Lounge Chair you can take a look on Ebay or

Craigslist, but those usually cost from $4000 to $7000 and even more.

Are There Eames Lounge Chair Replica in New York and Los Angeles?

If you decide to purchase a chair on Amazon, they will deliver you your Eames chair

replica despite you are in Los Angeles or New York or any other place.

Reviews of Eames Lounge Chair Replicas for Sale

Before you buy replica of Eames lounge chair you should read some reviews. Read it carefully to and choose the right one for you. Its very important to read many user reviews.

Replica vs Real Chair

Real Eames chair cost up to $7000 while replicas are from $500 to $1200 and that is a big

difference in the price. However, there are not much difference in the quality. Replicas of

Eames chair are made with the same materials. So when you buy an original chair you

are paying for the designers signature. Not sure if that is worth to pay additional $5000-$6000.

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